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About Us

We have expertise in a range of civil and commercial law matters and accept instructions from both lay and professional clients. Our clients have confidence in our experience and result-driven outcomes, recognising our unique ability to respond quickly to their needs with optimum output. From making first contact with us, we always ensure that our clients receive regular updates on each stage of the development of their case. We are particularly adept at dealing with urgent or emergency relief for our clients often at the last moment. This is something we are accredited by both our lay and professional clients. We also have a proven track record of charging competitive rates being fully aware of how legal costs can escalate.

Founded by Mr Reza A. B. Choudhury who has considerable experience of providing and delivering distinctive and client-friendly services. We have long understood that the role of a barrister not only involves going to court to argue a case, but it also means providing high standard of written advocacy and advice – skills which can often lead to a favourable settlement without the need to go to trial or even issuing proceedings.

Chambers has fully embraced the values, benefits, and skills, required for effective Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and offers services in Arbitration and Mediation both domestic and international.

Costs under direct access work range from a combination of both fixed fee and or hourly rate depending on how complex and time consuming the matter, case, or hearing may be. Simple, short, and straightforward work in the view of the barrister may be charged at a fixed fee basis while the more lengthy, complex, work may be charged at an hourly rate. In both cases, information as to the exact hourly rate and or fixed fee will be agreed in advance of any work with the barrister.