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Direct Public access

Since 2004 it has become possible for members of the public (individuals, companies, firms etc) to access barristers directly without the need for an intermediary solicitor pursuant to the Direct Public Access scheme. This means that under the scheme, a client can directly instruct a barrister thus saving costs but only in limited matters such as:

  • Giving advice
  • Drafting letters and other legal documentation
  • Taking Witness Statements
  • Attending hearings as your advocate
  • Conducting negotiations on your behalf.

Not all work is suitable under the Public Access Scheme, however, and we will be unable to accept some instructions if we consider that it would be in your best interests to instruct a solicitor. For further guidance on the Direct Public Access scheme please see: Click Here

Costs under direct access work range from a combination of both fixed fee and or hourly rate depending on how complex and time consuming the matter, case, or hearing may be. Simple, short, and straightforward work in the view of the barrister may be charged at a fixed fee basis while the more lengthy, complex, work may be charged at an hourly rate. In both cases, information as to the exact hourly rate and or fixed fee will be agreed in advance of any work with the barrister.